Positive Message: This Song Makes A lot of Sense.

Sometimes in life we all may stress about certain obstacles that comes our way. I love this song because it has a overall positive message and outlook on our world . I think we find out just how positive we truly are when negative energy of any kind tries to bring us down, but we end up triumphing. When we have positive energy radiating from within us, then that can overpower negativity. Anyone can be positive/upbeat whenever good things happen in their lives. I believe that staying positive when you have any kind of negative situation or energy in your life is the true talent to master. I believe that in this universe, our thoughts and energy are very powerful. If we try our very best to remain optimistic, than we’re already eliminating negativity to consume our thoughts. Of course, it may not be very easy at times, but it is worth the process. So, despite the different obstacles we may all face in this beautiful and artful life…let’s try to put the same energy out into the world that we want to come our way. Let’s try to understand that there is good in our world, and we can expand it by deciding to be good hearted.  Positive energy that originates from our souls, takes over our mindsets, and inspires us to be good-hearted individuals is a rewarding goal to accomplish in the universe.

And the world is made of energy
and the world is electricity
and the world is made of energy
and there’s a light inside of you
and there’s a light inside of me.


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