90’s Bad Boy: The Start of A New Culture

90’s r&b and rap cannot be described without mentioning P.Diddy ( known as Puff Daddy in the 90s) and his record label that was home to legendary music acts such as 112, Biggie, Lil Kim,, and Total. Although I am not a big fan of most of Lil Kim’s music, this is one of my favorite music videos. It is just so fabulously ”late rap/R&B 90’s”.  Even though he was not shown in this video as much, I love how P. Diddy was dancing & ”all up in the videos” despite what a hating Suge Knight had to say during that era. Bad Boy in the 90’s was untouchable and Sean Combs helped bring something new to the rap/r&b scene that was different compared to the early 90s. The New Jack Swing era was ending & the vibe in r&b was changing. P Diddy & his musical acts were some of the very first to bring in the new ”flashy” era of rap and helped paved the way for ”remixes”. 90’s Bad Boy will always have a timeless and legendary mark in music because it was successful & Sean Combs is a businessman who visualized a portrait that is still being seen today.


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