The Art Of Having An Open Mind


Usually I do not blog about religious topics, but there is nothing wrong with having an intellectual conversation concerning religion just as long as it is in a respectful manner. Often times, people say things about certain religious groups without knowing fully the belief system, and some people quickly stereotype without researching what is fact. To be exact, I am referring to Islam. Yes, just like any other religious group, you have so-called Muslims who do evil things, but they do not represent a whole population. Unless it is self-defense, murdering is not Islam and the Holy Quran does not advocate or encourage any of the disgusting things that non-Muslims like Isis members or the Taliban has done. Matter of fact, anyone who has ever took the time to read a Holy Quran would know that it actually speaks out about people who twist the words around & spread false things about Islam. Osama Bin Laden does not represent Islam, just like a crazy so-called Christian who has done evil deeds does not represent Christianity.  Here are a few facts about Islam that people should know even if they may not ever decide to read a Holy Quran.

*** I am not trying to offend anyone. I believe in having non simple-minded and intellectually strong conversations about religion with open minded people. Not disrespectful.***

1. Allah means God in Arabic. Muslims do not worship the Prophet Muhammad or elevate him higher than any other Holy Prophet. Muslims believe we all come from one God because there is only One God, as in one Creator of All.

2. Islam teaches that God brought The Holy Quran, The Holy Torah, & The Holy Gospel here. However, I am referring to the original version of The Holy Gospel/Bible & Torah. Not the King James Version, New Testament and etc . Once again, I am not trying to offend anyone at all.

3. The Nation of Islam is not apart of Islam. Islam does not teach racism & in the Holy Quran it says that we are all one mankind. Before Malcolm X was assassinated, he realized what Islam was truly about after visiting the Holy Kaaba. ”The Nation of Islam” divides people & that is not Islam.

4. There is no way I can tell you more about Islam than the Holy Quran itself. Islam is a peaceful religion & the media cannot fully or factually explain to you what actually reading a Holy Quran can.


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