Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman V Superman

Some people feel that Ben Affleck as the new Batman is not a good idea, which is probably due to him playing Daredevil. However, I have faith in Ben because we haven’t seen the movie yet. Of course, the best Batman so far is without a doubt Christian Bale. However, if the same director from the amazing Dark Knight series ( Christopher Nolan) is behind this film, then don’t give up hope. This one should be interesting, since it’s title is Batman VS Superman. I think in the movie, the two will end up putting aside whatever differences they may have to beat a villain who better be just as ”good’ as Bane and The Joker was in their roles. Yes, this movie has a lot of high expectations to live up to. I am eager to see it & I hope Ben Affleck can prove people wrong. The last Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, had many of us asking a lot of questions and hoping it will be answered in the next movie. Yet, this movie seems to be taking another turn. I could really get into detail about who is the ”better” super hero, but I’m not. All I want is for this movie to be amazing & for the new Batman (Ben) to be great. Ben, I believe in you.


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