APS Cheating Scandal Sentencing: WTF?


I am watching the APS Cheating Scandal sentencing before I leave for work, & I feel like there is another motive behind this. It is politically, maybe even racially motivated, & just messed up to send these teachers to jail for any time for something that has been happening systematically for years all over the country. There are child molesters & killers who get 5-20 years & these teachers may serve jail time for changing answers on a test…which many were told to do. Yes, they should get disciplined, but not in this way. These teachers are grand-ma’s, have families & don’t deserve this. I am convinced there is another motive behind this & people should protest.  The judge has the nerve to say” This is the sickest thing to happen in Georgia & THEY SHOULD SEARCH THEIR SOULS.” W.T.F I can’t even process this, but have a great day everyone.


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