Friday Or Monday…Enjoy It!

funny baby

Usually on Friday nights I am a home body, or at work. However, it is good to break away from the same ole routine/cycle. For an example, I work at a place where the dress code is an elevated/dressy look & no extreme hair colors…which is fine with me. However, today I decided to spray paint my hair pink & go out this evening with my sister instead of Netflix and food.  I don’t care how ”silly” my hair may look because I just had the urge to do it…plus it’s temporary lol. One of my goals is to break out of my shell, but don’t break away from being ”Tanzy” or abandoning my morals/values. I think we all should enjoy life, but don’t pressure yourself to do things that you are simply not feeling. Like, I am not a club-goer nor will I ever be. I like what I like. Taking up interest in hobbies that are cool to you (not what is popular or common) is the best way to have fun in life. Of course, your fun may not be someone else’s ”fun”, but that’s okay. Oh, and let’s stop bashing Monday’s because Monday can be just as beautiful & exciting as Friday. Matter of fact, everyday is worth looking forward to…not just Friday.


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