Physics Of The Impossible: Michio Kaku’s Theoretical Speculations


The book that I am currently reading is Physics of The Impossible by Michio Kaku. Now, this book discusses the possibilities of using our advanced technology to do things that we have only seen be done in science fiction. I am still reading this book, and some of the things that Kaku discusses, includes teleportation & time travel. One side of me is excited to know that there is a scientific way to do these things & how it correlates with physics, but another side of me imagines all of the not-so-great things humans might try to do if we ever found a successful way to do these wonders. Like, who knows what could happen if time travel abilities got into the wrong hands. Teleportation does not violate the laws of physics, but it probably would not be anything like what we see in movies or from comic book characters. Before I get into further detail about these possibilities, I am going to do further research on Class I and 2 physics impossibilities that he categorizes & read all of this book. However, we need to keep in mind that Kaku is just speculating, but this book is really cool.


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