Early Memorial Day Tribute: Never Taken For Granted


I have a few older relatives who served in War World 2 & Vietnam War. However, I have never experienced losing a relative that died while serving. I have the upmost respect for people who put their lives on the line for others & immense compassion for the family members that they left behind.  Although I may not always agree or understand the circumstances & outcomes involving war, I would never speak reckless about veterans because I appreciate their service. I remember when I use to work at the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport, there were a lot of men & women soldiers who would be in the airport….lot’s of them flying & visiting the USO Center.  I don’t know his whereabouts now, but there was this guy who was about to leave for his third deployment, & he conversed with my co-worker and I about different topics & was just happy to talk to us.  Now, he did not go in full detail, which I can understand, but he has experienced losing some of his closest friends while serving. He has helped carry the coffins of these soldiers, he has been in serious danger & injured several times.  I started thinking about, how here I was complaining about  having to stay late at work, meanwhile this guy is about to put his life on the line (again) for people he doesn’t even know personally. He just cares deeply about their freedom.  I hope & pray he is alive & doing good now.  All of the service men & women that I have encountered in the airport were respectful & great manners. Yet, there are people who take them for granted and may not show the same level of respect. I am doing this blog entry a little early because I will be at work practically all day tomorrow without enough time to write any blog entry, and I wanted to post this today. So, my heart, thoughts, & prayers goes out to all of the families  who have lost loved ones in the line of duty & remember that they are still alive in spirit….always & forever.


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