My Awkward Shyness: Smh

Being shy is something that I know too much about. There has been times when this trait has back fired on me & made something one big misunderstanding.  However,  the person doesn’t know that I’m shy so they mistake it for something else.  Being shy can actually stop or prevent you from taking good chances. Being shy is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is a trait that I honestly don’t really want anymore. There have been times when I stepped out of my shy shell, and I went back into it because something happened that rubbed me the wrong way. But, I can’t keep making excuses because I want to un-shy myself. Not be something I’m not,  but a Tanzy without her shyness. You get my drift. So, I ask myself….what would Tanzy be like without her awkward shyness? Probably still awkward at times in certain situations, but less shy.  I will eventually find out sooner than later .I encouage other shy people who may be missing out on certain things to not change who they are….but try to open up and um, spread your wings more. Yes, that was so corny but I tried.


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