Abstinence: It Is Totally Worth It

In my generation,  it seems as if everyone is or has been sexually active.  However, there are still young adults who either have not been sexually active yet or decided to practice celibacy. Of course,  there is nothing wrong with sex… it is natural and something humans should do. Yet, some people think that those who are not sexually active are not “grown-up” about the situation or extremely religious.  There are several different reasons why people are Abstinent.  For one, there is nothing wrong with a person believing or actually being in love with the thought of belonging to only one person ever. When I say belong,  I mean to only want to give their body to one person they grow to have an unconditional special bond with. This logic is not crazy and if you take your time & be patient,  there is so much to gain instead of lose. In my generation,  people have all types of issues with relations….trust issues, fear that everyone is unfaithful, relationships built around sex,  and etc. I hear so much negative stuff concerning relationships and bashing genders all because people have dealt with someone who did them wrong or left an negative impression on them.  Yet, alot of them are only in their early twenties.  This is very sad in my opinion .Being Abstinent, of course you don’t have to worry about STDs, etc. You also more than likely don’t have a “tainted” view on relationships and love.  You don’t see things the way your peers do . Sex can change alot of things and dealing with people you may later on learn to completely dislike can affect your view on relations.  And let me tell you this: Yes, we are all sexual beings with sex hormones. However many people who are Abstinent share values/morals that may not be popular now or “in style”….and it influences their whole mentality on sex.  Why? Well, as a female, I don’t bash young women my age who have a more untraditional view on sex/body count.  However , don’t ridicule me or anyone else (man or woman) for having a more old fashion view on relations. If someone wants to take their time to get to know people,  date without having sex, then let them live. Don’t bash them or think they are crazy just because they stand by their values and beliefs.  Being Abstinence has some challenges,  but in the end it is worth it if you really want it to be. Not to mention,  you can actually learn alot from Abstinent people. Either way,  there is nothing wrong with those who are not trying to save themselves for one person,   but those who practice Abstinence believes that it is worth the wait.  And, what’s so delusional or wrong about that?


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