And The Classic Innovative Video/Song Award Goes To…Sock It To Me-Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott is one of the most innovative artists that came from the 90’s music scene. Her videos, her style, her flow (rapper/singer/songwriter/producer) was just so one of a kind, original and refreshing. Her and the legendary producer Timbaland have contributed so much greatness to music & influenced many others. This song, featuring Da Brat, was actually sampled from the Delfonics’ classic song ”Ready Or Not Here I Come”. Instead of Hype Williams directing a cliché video to match the concept/lyrics of the song, he went another route that totally fitted Missy’s incomparable style.  When it was remade for her, it was a ”new” classic all over again for a different generation. This song is from her debut album, the classic/groundbreaking Supa Dupa Fly.  Of course, that same album had ”The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)” and that video is another one that proves just how prominent & awesome Missy’s persona/style is. With her debut album, I think she set a trend, a standard, & style that is still influential to this day. I think her and Lauryn Hill were in a whole class/zone by themselves in the 90s when it comes to female rappers. 


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