Cooleyhighharmony: Classic Album Highlight


The debut album from Boyz 2 Men is one of those masterpieces that is created & years later, 24 years to be exact, is still a favorite & played by many routinely. I was not born yet in 1991, but that doesn’t matter because a timeless album like this is a good one & people of all age ranges love this Philly originated group. Their vocals, the look/style, & just the whole vibe of Boys 2 Men is incredible to me & their talent is fully shown on each song from Cooleyhighharmony.  This album was produced by Dallas Austin & Michael Bivins of New Edition/Bell Biv DeVoe,  and mainly written by the members of the group. Some of my favorites from the album are, ”Please Don’t Go, ”Uhh Ahh”, of course ”Motown Philly”, and ”This Is My Heart”. However, I honestly really like the whole album and not to mention, this is a nice album cover. There really aren’t any more popular boy-bands/groups on the same level as Boyz 2 Men musically any longer in my opinion.  Matter of fact, the 90s was full of boy-bands/groups that are still timeless, legendary, & influential in this era. Jodeci, Backstreet Boys. Dru Hill, 112, Mint Condition, Tony Toni Tone, Silk, and so forth. The same goes for 90s girl-bands/groups, but that is okay because a lot of these groups are still creating music & we all can enjoy Cooleyhighharmony any time, any where, and for many years to come.


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