A Cherished Photo With A Special Person: My Mother & I


My mother, Cheryl, can’t really be described in a few words or summed up in a blog entry. I have always been very close to my mother ( I am really close to my family in general) and she is an amazing asset in my life. There are times when we are just in the kitchen together, cooking, she’s passing on generational family recipes to me, and we talk and talk. Sometimes we disagree on different topics, but many times it’s just those cherished mother-daughter conversations that I am thankful for.  Besides my father, my mother is one of the main reasons why I love old-school music like Earth Wind & Fire, Bootsy Collins, The Spinners, and so forth. Because in my family, it has always been a common thing to put on some good music and dance like we’re on soul train. My mother has also instilled certain morals/values in me that I will never neglect and will pass on to my future children. My mother has an interesting story/background and her personal experiences are inspirational to me. My mother has taught me to be a young lady and to carry myself in a certain manner/way in public. However, she is the type of person that I can laugh with while watching shows like The Boondocks, Red Foxx/Richard Pryor shows, 90s Def Comedy Jam, and other similar programs. I can watch anything with her and not feel awkward. I am a poised and reserved person in public, but when I am around my mother or close family in general…I can just turn into a silly and talkative person & my mother has always accepted me for who I am. Perhaps it is because my mother see’s a lot of her in me when she was my age. Perhaps it is because she is a mother who has unconditional love for all four of her children no matter what. Either way, my mother is not just a lovable person because she had me…but she is likable and loved because she is a fabulous person…flaws and all.


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