Hey You, Please Don’t Let Negativity Consume Your Thoughts

I think it is almost impossible not to think negative thoughts at times, but we can’t let that overpower our positive ones. For an example,  some people may be feeling down or discouraged about something they really want,  or they may have lost motivation to genuinely believe in having a happy/peaceful life.  Yet, our thoughts are very powerful and if we constantly think of all of the negative things that can go wrong with whatever it is we’re trying to do, then guess what?  It will possibly go wrong because we’re already letting the negative thoughts triumph.  Yes,  you’re gonna be what you want to be and you will be amazing at it. Yes, you will find inner peace and happiness at the most elevated level possible.  Yes,  you will gravitate to whoever or whatever it is that will benefit your soul.  All of these things are possible and real just waiting to happen (with patience of course). We just have to keep our mind & thoughts protected from being consumed by negativity. It may be challenging at times, but the outcome is worth it. 


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