Slam by Onyx: Hype Energy Booster Song

This is one of those songs that I listen to and just feel so hyped/energized. I mean, I could be very sleepy or maybe I caught the ”itis” because I ate too much heavy foods….but when I play this song, all of that doesn’t even matter any more. It all just goes away and then suddenly  I feel like I’m in the early 90s at an east coast rap concert, with some baggy blue jeans, combat boots, a tank top & black windbreaker on…just jumping up & down, doing those cool hand movements that early 90s rappers like Craig Mack did lol.  This classic is really a big influential part of the whole early 90s east coast rap scene & I’m pretty sure many classic rap fans know a few lines by heart, like the famous Sticky Fingaz line:

I paid so many dues, I feel used and abused and Im so confused
*hiccup* Excuse me, for example Im an inspiration of a whole generation And unless you got ten sticky fingers its an imitation  …..
a figment of your imagination.


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