Atlanta Jazz Festival: This Weekend’s Must Event

The Atlanta Jazz Festival happens every year during Memorial Day weekend (the event celebration is actually the whole month, but the major climax event is during the holiday weekend ) and this free event is a great performance filled festival for people of all ages and includes lots of venues (food, etc) at the beautiful piedmont park.  There will be three stages,  the main stage, the locals stage, and the International stage.  I can’t wait to go because last year I didn’t get to.  Festivals are really enjoyable and fun, especially if you enjoy most of the acts that will be there. Not to mention,  The Atlanta Jazz Festival will be happening all day and evening until 9:00 and I can’t wait. Not to mention, it will be a beautiful day and night at a nice park with music, food, and just a good experience.  I like how the Atlanta Jazz Festival supports local artists  and high schools in the city as well as more known artists.  The Atlanta Jazz Festival is May 22-24 and I am looking forward to going to this amazing music festival Saturday.


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