Ireland: My First International Trip!

One of the things that I would like to do more is travel. So, I am looking forward to not only going to Ireland this year but to all of the other places that I will go in the future.  My goal is to visit every state in the U.S, and every far away land.  I’m starting with Ireland because I want to see their ancient castles, and although I don’t drink,  I want to do random stuff like play guitar with one of their bands in the pubs & see all of the pretty grassland sceneries.  I want to turn my blog into a travel experience blog full of photographs and detailed posts on my journey.  I feel like I am missing out and I’m not taking advantage of the fact this is the perfect time to travel at my age. So, I encourage anyone to take steps (saving, and whatever) to do what you really desire to do. I am not going to be the high maintenance traveler, and the best part is….most of the time, I’m going to be traveling alone. Why?  Because this is my own personal journey thingy and I have always been a sheltered child with no real true adventure, so this is me experiencing the world on my own.  Of course,  I will take my best friends and/or family with me sometimes….but my big new journey begins with me going to a far away land all by my lonesome.  I can’t wait.

I hope you all have a great positive and beautiful day!


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