Miles Davis- Milestones: A Stroll In A Beautiful Park Or A Cafe On A Rainy Day

This is one of my favorite Miles Davis songs and I think that Don Cheadle will do a superb job playing the legend in the upcoming biopic, Miles Ahead, which Cheadle also directed. I collect classic records, and recently I have also finally added Miles Davis to my collection. When I listen to this song, I imagine myself in several different scenarios, with one of them being me in a café in vintage Harlem( or any pleasant cafe) listening to this song as the rain pours down outside & I am just enjoying the view because I love the way it looks when it rains outside. The other imaginary scene that I sometimes do in real life is, walking in a beautiful park in the afternoon while listening to this song & just looking at all of the beautiful nature/scenery that is around me. Thank you Miles Davis for making this song, the ”Blue in Green” song and like every other masterpiece. You will always live on.


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