The Art Of Being 80s Fresh: Dapper Dan of Harlem & Those Fashions.

Dapper Dan of Harlem was the go to custom-fit & tailor designer for many celebs like Bobby Brown, Eric B. & Rakim, L.L Cool J, Mike Tyson, and Salt n Peppa…just to name a few. But, he also catered to non famous people who wanted to spend money ( sometimes thousands) on custom tailored fits and some of his clients included pimps, drug dealers, regular fly girls and guys of the 80s, and just people who wanted to look real ”fresh”. Here are some photos of these people and Dapper Dan’s creations. Every time I look at them, I just smile. Honestly I can see myself in the 80s wearing something bought from his Harlem store on 125th street… maybe not as flashy as some of these fashions. Nevertheless,he helped define what 80s fresh/fly was. Thank you Dapper Dan.


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  1. aquaticbarefoot · May 27, 2015

    Glad to see he’s being remembered as the trend setter he was.

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