Magneto: Sorry, You’re Kinda Human Too

If you read Xmen comic books,  then you may know the sad background of Mutant Magneto. So, I can understand why he is angry and hostile ( his family being murdered during the Holocaust, concentration camps, and the horrible death of his daughter Anya.) However,  he is actually human as well…just considered a “subspecies”due to super powers. The genes of the X men and other mutants have the unknown “x gene”, but they all have human ancestry. They just have different DNA than their parents.  It’s not like their from a whole other planet and species like Superman….so Magneto’s views on humans fustrates me lol. Especially because not all humans are hostile towards mutants in the marvel universe.  He feels as though he is superior and wants to protect the Mutant “race”, but he is a hypocrite and if he wants to cause destruction to humans without super powers,  then he is no better than the ones who discriminated against his human family doing the Holocaust. Am I thinking too hard about this or no? I probably am. Anyways,  Professor Xavier said that the reason why he calls his students X Men is because they have extra powers that ordinary humans do not possess, so he thought of the name Xmen (Ex-tra power). Yet, Professor X still understands that they are humans.  Overall,  I don’t dislike Magneto and I love his helmet.  He has varied from villain, to anti hero, and even a superhero at times. Him, or any of the other mutants(the brotherhood) being a true villain can be debated if you think about it.  However,  I wish I could tell Magneto to stop being so boojie (yes that word was needed) just because you have magnetic power abilities and I don’t. Or maybe I just wish I had the x Mutant gene lol *sighs*


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