Marvel Comics Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide To The Characters of the Marvel Universe Updated & Expanded

I love to read many different kinds of books that range from non fiction, fiction/fantasy, educational, and really anything that seems interesting to me. This book is one of my favorites and it is a great one to own if you are a Marvel Comic book lover. I have this updated version and I must say, it is amazing. I mean, it has over 400 hundred pages of vast amounts of background stories on more than 1,200 of Marvel characters. This encyclopedia covers both old and new characters and gives in depth biographies for many of the characters. This is an important asset to me because I already know alot of information on my favorites like The Uncanny Xmen and The Incredible Hulk memorable characters/storylines. However, I want to know more background information on the lesser known ones as well. This book not only has top notch amazing artwork, stats/background info,  but lists all of the powers of each character to refresh our memories. It would be nice if they had a power meter chart, but that is not really needed. This book is also good for those who may not know any or very little history of the Marvel Universe. Every single character in the Marvel Universe is in this book, every era, and I am not a Miss-Know-It-All when it comes to Marvel comics, so this is very informative to me. There are lots of characters in this encyclopedia that I didn’t even know existed. I must say, this book has some grammatical errors in it that are noticeable, but I still enjoy reading it so that doesn’t bother me alot. This is a big book and somewhat heavy, so I usually just keep it at home and not take it with me like I do other books. However, this is a good read anywhere whether you’re at a park, a café, the bed, or wherever. Some of my favorite highlights in the book includes detailed never known background information on the Annihilation wave/team, and the beginnings/first origins of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants by Magneto after the Xmen hindered Magneto’s takeover of Cape Citadel Rocket base.  Anyways, all in all this is a must read for Marvel comic book lovers and is also great for trivia games, etc. This is one of those books that I will treasure and re-read countless times.


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