The Boy In The Striped Pajamas: A Scene To Ponder On

I remember first seeing this movie in the 12th grade during Spanish class. We had a substitute teacher and she decided to put on this movie. The lady could have given us class assignments or really anything else that was class related, but instead we watched this movie. Honestly, at first I thought it was the perfect time to lay my head on the desk and go to sleep, but this movie kept me awoke. For one, the concept behind this riveting final scene is very intense, and I imagined all of the things that the Nazi officer was thinking when he realized what happened to his innocent son. A child who had no true understanding of what was really going on, a child who was the son of a man apart of a sick agenda, and the final scene can be analyzed in so many different ways. For one, both of those innocent boys had families who cared deeply for them, and they ( meaning the little boys) represented two people who did not see each other in the same light/view that many adults did. The human mind can be molded in such a sick way and our thought process can change in a negative way, then that’s when ugly/evil people are born. No, people are not born this way…to want to exterminate a whole group of people, to judge people based on their ethnicity, to hate people because of their sexuality, or to want to do atrocious things to people in general. We are ultimately in charge of what we decide to turn ourselves into, and the consequences can not only hurt us but those that we love as well.  The father has to live with the fact that he did not only help send countless people to the gas chambers, but his son was also a victim of the evil plan he was apart of as well. All in all, I think this was a good movie and very thought provoking. To me, this movie and it’s message is not just about the Holocaust…but we can use this film as an example for so many different things that us as one humanity needs to ponder on…and change.


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