How Many Mics? The Fugees Classic Revisited

The Fugees will always be a great example of what it means to have lyrically gifted artists come together and form a phenomenal band. Lauryn Hill is not just one of the best rappers of all time, but she is one of the most lyrically ingenious musicians ever. Together, Wyclef Jean. Pras, & Lauryn Hill created one of the best groups/bands that has inspired and set a very high bar for what it means to be lyrical, conscious, and not following/sounding like what is ”hot” at the time.  When people say we need more ”Lauryn Hill” rappers, I think that is not possible because there is only one her. Everyone else can only be the best versions of themselves. There will never be another Fugees either. One of a kind talent is hard to duplicate.


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