People Who Say ”Be Yourself”, Then Judge Others Who Are Not Like Them

We live in a generation where people claim to embrace individuality and being yourself. That is suppose to be the mentality, but in reality…sometimes the same people who say these things are the ones who are constantly judging others for not being a certain way. For an example, calling someone lame because they don’t enjoy the same things that are popular/common or the activities they choose to partake in are not ”cool”. Or a person who may not stick to the status quo of things concerning what is common/popular in their age group. The definition of a “lame” person (not referring to the literal handicap meaning) to me is one who either does things to fit in or because it is what everyone else is doing or someone with an ugly soul. A ”lame person” is not that person who enjoys activities and certain interests that many others may find boring. A ”lame person” is not the person who actually likes a certain fashion style even if it is not popular or considered ”cool”. The concept behind being yourself involves embracing who you are and what you love without caring what others think. This also means not turning around and being a hypocrite as well. Of course, it is not a crime or wrong to not want to hang around people who you just don’t click/connect with. However, there are some people in our society and generation who speak about embracing/being yourself”, but then will call someone ”lame” for actually embracing themselves. What a hypocrite.


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  1. mridulbedi143 · June 22, 2015

    So true 👌

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