Lupe Fiasco’s Unforgivable Youth: A Lyrical Masterpiece

Lupe Fiasco has created many songs that are lyrical masterpieces & this is just one of many. Unfortunately, he is still underrated, underappreciated and not as celebrated as other rappers. Nevertheless, he is still one of our generation’s most lyrically gifted rappers/song writers. Rap should always be diverse with different styles/views represented. Not every rapper needs to create ”conscious rap” music. I don’t want to just listen to ”conscious rap” music.. However, we do need more conscious rap artists who are being listened to on a massive level like how it was in previous eras. Nevertheless, in todays era with modern technology and the popularity of independent artists, mainstream rap is not even the best form of rap in our generation…in my opinion. And Lupe is a good example of someone who is one of our generation’s best lyrical rappers…. even if many people fail to see this.


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