The Class I Love: Moral Philosophy/Ethical Issues Course

One of my distance learning program classes I love involves studying and analyzing different moral and ethical theories.  Some may think that what is morally right and wrong are not that hard to differentiate from, but there are many aspects and perspectives that correlate with this topic. For an example, there are consequentialist ethics that involves the pros/cons of Act Utilitarianism, Aristotle’s virtue ethics, Kant’s Good Will Theory relating to deontological ethics,  and moral relativism. They all require one’s mind to think critically about the advantages/disadvantages of each. Bottom line, there are so many different ways and aspects to analyze when it comes to moral philosophy and ethical issues.  What I love about this class, is that you have no choice but to actually think deeply and not just see things from one view. Conversing about moral philosophies and theories are great thought provoking topics to have.


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