Being Eager To Learn/Know More

Not every one will want to search for answers to philosophical questions like investigating what is “truth” and what is not.  The thing is, most of us have our own personal set of beliefs, but some of us never question or desire to take that extra step when it comes to finding out, knowing more. I disagree when people think that we cannot find and discover some truths to life’s “mysteries” on this Earth, because we can. There are some things that we may not know until we are no longer here, but why be okay with going through life not even trying to gain as much wisdom,  enlightenment, and knowledge as possible? These things are eternal and lasts longer than any worldly posession we desire and own. Yet, it’s interesting how some people, including many who claim to believe in some kind of afterlife, spend so little time asking themselves these questions: What can I take with me after this is over?  What can I always have with me that will be eternal and is priceless? If we are actually souls that will never die, and not just temporary human bodies, then why not try to nurture it as much as we do the physical? It truly is a beautiful process when we desire to learn/know more about things we question and find “mysterious”. Its better than telling yourself ” I know nothing and I’ll wait to find out”.


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