Classic Footage: Fred Hampton On The Importance of Education Prior To Action

Fred Hampton made a great point in this clip when it comes to educating ourselves before action. In the video, he states that the ”oppressor” can be any color, and if people do not have an in-depth/ clear understanding of what is actually going on or what they are ”fighting” for, then objectives will not be successful.  A successful blueprint needs a comprehensive and thorough educational strategy/plan. However this is easier said than actually executed successfully.

More Than Just A Classic Anthem: Happy Feelin’s By Frankie Beverly & Maze

This song is more than just a classic anthem that plays at cookouts, family events, and etc. This song has an inspirational message to it that is beautiful and something to ponder on

Happy feelings in the air, touching people everywhere
Plenty love and everything, listen to the people sing

I’ve got myself, to remind me of love
My mind and my heart, I believe in above
And these Happy Feelings I’ll spread them all over the world
From deep in my soul I wish you

Happy Feelings, Happy Feelings
ahhhaha yeah Happy Feelings, Happy Feelings

I’ve seen the light watch it shine down on me
I’m gonna spread my wings yeah,
Tell all I see that these happy feelings
I spread them all over the world, from deep in my soul

Happy happy happy feelings umm hummm
Happy feelings aah aah aah aah happy feelings

My Credence: What Exactly Is Eternal Gain?

I want to not only live happily in this world, but also nurture my soul and focus on eternal gain. I do believe that I’m going to exist for all eternity even after the body that I’m currently living in dies. That being said, I do not want to just possess physical things and worldly possessions, but I also want to put an emphasis on praying, helping those in need/world issues, and staying good-hearted. Of course, my journey includes the common shared goals like graduating, taking steps I need to for my career of choice, being happy from within, travel more, get married/have children and etc. However, I also want to keep asking myself this question: What on Earth can benefit me eternally? When I do leave this world, If God asks me, ” What did you learn/acquire on Earth that you can bring with you in the hereafter?” If all I have are physical things to name, with all these opportunities to gain knowledge here, then that is when I will consider myself a ”failure” in life. Because despite my natural desire to enjoy the worldly possessions in this world, I do not want to neglect the belongings that will give me eternal gain either. So far, I still have a lot more to learn. I want to not only quench my thirst, but to keep drinking in knowledge for this world and the hereafter. Of course, I am not going to know all of the Truths, but it is most definitely worth questing for.