More Than Just A Classic Anthem: Happy Feelin’s By Frankie Beverly & Maze

This song is more than just a classic anthem that plays at cookouts, family events, and etc. This song has an inspirational message to it that is beautiful and something to ponder on

Happy feelings in the air, touching people everywhere
Plenty love and everything, listen to the people sing

I’ve got myself, to remind me of love
My mind and my heart, I believe in above
And these Happy Feelings I’ll spread them all over the world
From deep in my soul I wish you

Happy Feelings, Happy Feelings
ahhhaha yeah Happy Feelings, Happy Feelings

I’ve seen the light watch it shine down on me
I’m gonna spread my wings yeah,
Tell all I see that these happy feelings
I spread them all over the world, from deep in my soul

Happy happy happy feelings umm hummm
Happy feelings aah aah aah aah happy feelings


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