My Credence: What Exactly Is Eternal Gain?

I want to not only live happily in this world, but also nurture my soul and focus on eternal gain. I do believe that I’m going to exist for all eternity even after the body that I’m currently living in dies. That being said, I do not want to just possess physical things and worldly possessions, but I also want to put an emphasis on praying, helping those in need/world issues, and staying good-hearted. Of course, my journey includes the common shared goals like graduating, taking steps I need to for my career of choice, being happy from within, travel more, get married/have children and etc. However, I also want to keep asking myself this question: What on Earth can benefit me eternally? When I do leave this world, If God asks me, ” What did you learn/acquire on Earth that you can bring with you in the hereafter?” If all I have are physical things to name, with all these opportunities to gain knowledge here, then that is when I will consider myself a ”failure” in life. Because despite my natural desire to enjoy the worldly possessions in this world, I do not want to neglect the belongings that will give me eternal gain either. So far, I still have a lot more to learn. I want to not only quench my thirst, but to keep drinking in knowledge for this world and the hereafter. Of course, I am not going to know all of the Truths, but it is most definitely worth questing for. 


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