The Human Race: A Positive Message

Despite all of the different ethnicities, nationalities, and categories that we (mankind) have labeled each other…the human race is one. Yes, there are different cultures and values, but there are not multiple races. Yet, we tend to not accept this ideology and use our differences to divide each other further apart. We all have the ability to create positive change and good , and we also have the free will to create hatred and evil. The answers/solutions to our problems still seems like a distant object that we cannot yet grasp or conquer…it is always so foreign to us.  The “object”, the solutions, has become an imaginary fairy tale for many people who have lost their faith in humanity. Yet, if we lose faith in humanity then we have lost faith in ourselves to create positive change. Positive change on any level by any human being can have a rippling effect. Despite all of us representing different ethnicities ,backgrounds, lands, religious beliefs, and so forth….we are currently residing in the same planet  that we need more than it actually needs us for survival. The solutions/answers that we cannot seem to reach, it only seems like foreign imaginary objects because sadly, we as a human race seem to always be mostly divided as a whole. We did this to each other, no one else is to blame. Nevertheless, each individual has the gift of improving this world and inspiring others to have more faith in humanity if we choose. Of course, there is no such thing as a perfect world that is rid of issues, but there is a such thing as positive change. The positive change needs to be consistent, and benefits everyone in a good way…not just those we share personal values and cultures with. Some say being optimistic about the human race is not realistic, I say it means I have not given up or underestimated just how inspirational and inspiring the magnitude of positivity/good can do for a people. This may seem cheesy or corny to some, but I encourage all “light warriors” to keep having faith in humanity and implementing change wherever we are….the race cannot progress without it.


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