Danger: Ritalin & Other ADHD Medication

Millions of children are prescribed drugs such as Ritalin and Adderall medication because they are diagnosed with ADHD. Some people may disagree, but children (or anyone) should not be placed on addictive stimulate drugs because they are diagnosed with having a so-called “attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder “. There are short term and long term dangerous side effects to taking drugs such as Ritalin, which includes disturbed sleeping patterns, an increase in blood pressure & heart rate, panic/psychosis, liver, kidney, & lung damage, high blood pressure, and permanent damage to the blood vessels of the brain and heart. Personally, I know children who have been placed on medication because someone claims they have ADHD, and instead of behaving how little kids are supposed to behave (hyper), they just sit there like drug induced zombies. What is also interesting is that there is a higher percentage of minority children who are prescribed Ritalin, Adderall, and other forms of ADHD medication than others. I would recommend any individual to do their own investigating and research when it comes to ADHD medications. I wonder how many parents or people actually got a second or third opinion and did their own research before agreeing to give their children Ritalin or a similar drug. ADHD drugs like Ritalin are just as strong as cocaine, and children are being prescribed these type of drugs consistently. Pharmaceutical drug companies push ADHD drugs aggressively and they profit alot from this. If a child does have a so called attention disorder, then perhaps we should look at the food consumption/diet as well instead of just making them take Ritalin or a similar drug. Although people have different opinions and beliefs on this matter, I believe we all should take a closer look at the side effects of Ritalin and other similar medications for ADHD diagnosis.


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