Amazing Astronomy: New Image Maps 1.2 Million Galaxies (out of Billions)


Daniel Eisenstein/SDSS-III

Scientists have been trying to understand the expansion of the universe, and here is a recent photo of 1.2 million galaxies in only a quarter of the known universe. The map was created by BOSS ( Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey) scientists.  How interesting that this 3D map only shows millions of the galaxies that is 650 cubic billion light years….it is estimated that there are at least one hundred billion galaxies in the universe. Of course, beings on other planets and in different galaxies may not look like how we portray them in Sci-fi movies, but how can we deny that there is probably (9 times out of 10) life in other parts of our Universe? Our Milky Way galaxy is just one of billions of galaxies that contain planets. So, it is very intriguing to just ponder on what creations and existing life forms reside in other parts of the Universe. Astronomy is so interesting and worth learning about. This map is truly amazing….it’s not a cluster of stars we’re looking at…but galaxies. Wow.


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