Eric B. & Rakim: Their Technique & Legacy

If you compare Rakim’s way of rapping to those of other classic 80s rappers, then there is an obvious difference. He was not shouting his words with high energy, but was more relaxed and rapped slower than his peers while using internal rhymes. Not to mention with help from the amazing DJ Eric. B, the duo were one of the first to sample “soul” music in their recordings and took the art of live turntable mixing to another level. Before Eric B. & Rakim, there were not alot of rappers who created complex internal rhymes. He ignored bar lines, and had a jazz -like tone to his lyrical style. Flash forward to the present, and Eric B. & Rakim’s innovative technique can still be heard in today’s rap music. Their permanent mark on music started with the Paid In Full album in 1987 with legendary songs like “Eric B Is President”, “I Ain’t No Joke”, and the “Paid In Full” single. Considered one of the greatest albums of all times by many music analysts, Paid in Full, is an example of a blueprint for a new style of rapping that was not prevalent before. The duo has influenced many other legendary artists such as Nas, Wu Tang Clan, and Jay-Z. In today’s era, they are probably your favorite rapper’s rapper…timeless artists that will always have new fans/listeners in every generation as well.


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