Game of Thrones: The Anticipated Winter In Westeros Upcoming Events

Game of Thrones may only reportedly have a couple of seasons left until the end, but the upcoming ones are going to be beyond amazing. People living in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros protected by “The Wall” are not ready for what’s to come from far north in the Lands of Always Winter …they haven’t seen a “white walker” in thousands of years. Therefore, they are not prepared for another “Long Night” or “War for the Dawn” type of event.  Of course, there are other interesting plot lines like Cersei Lannister becoming a “mad queen”, which will ultimately probably be the beginning of her pre-determined demise (Jaime Lannister may end up killing her himself). Not to mention, Bran Stark, the Three Eyed Raven, and his revealing visions. John Snow, revealed to be of Targaryen descent, is now the King in the north/House Stark head…but one can say that he actually has more of a “birth right” to the Iron Throne now since his parentage background has been shown. He definitely is a good leader naturally …and he has killed a white walker before even though he doubts himself at times. Yet, he is not interested in conquering the Seven kingdoms like his…um, auntie or something, Daernerys Targaryen. Meanwhile, Arya Stark is no longer “no one”, but is back to scratching off names from her kill list. Of course, there are other anticipating plot stories as well, but the most important upcoming event will not be human versus human…instead it will be humans at war with the Night King & his growing army. Season 7 will not be here until next year, and it will premiere a bit later than it’s usual April date. Nevertheless, Game of Thrones and the events that are about to occur are worth being excited for now…it is truly one of the best, most brilliant shows ever. 


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