Never Again,huh?: When Genocide Keeps Reoccurring After The Holocaust

After The Holocaust, the United Nations General Assembly came together and passed the Genocide Convention. The agreement and idea was to prevent genocidal acts & punish criminals who slaughter victims because of an ethnic, religious, or national group they may belong to.  However, Post- World War 2 genocide events have continued to happen after the U.N and people all around the world vowed never again. There has been a reoccurrence of events where massive amounts of people have been deliberately killed from particular ethnic groups & nations and many of the perpetrators have never been convicted or punished for their crimes against humanity. What exactly is really qualified to be termed a genocide? The term ”ethnic cleansing” has been used to describe mass torture/murders like the crisis in Darfur instead of genocide, and Aleppo is one of many heart breaking situations where the term ”genocide” is fitting. We, humanity, have not effectively learned enough from the mass extermination during the Holocaust or any other similar atrocity evidently. The world is forced sooner or later to be aware of what is going on whether some of us try to ignore it or not. Those of us who are immensely sadden by what is happening continue to feel disgusted, impassioned, & mournful as we pay attention to all that is unfolding. What is happening in places like Aleppo is a repeated pattern that may not always be consistently televised or included heavily in the media. As sickening as it is, there are photos and footage of children, sweet innocent babies, that have been dismembered, bloodied, and attacked…images that actually need to be seen despite how horrible they are. Families displaced, bombed, tortured, whole lives shattered, and their crying pleas are gut wrenching and extremely painful to see & hear but should not be ignored or forgotten . There are politicians & country leaders that are also responsible for murdering countless people, just as contemptible as ‘warlords’ and terrorist groups like Isis. Yet, only certain types of war crimes, mass killings, and attacks towards groups of people are considered genocidal. However, no matter how we may try to relabel it or pick and choose just what is a genocide act, the truth is: The term Holocaust, which is also defined as the mass slaughter of people, is a evil part of humanity’s history that was supposed to never happen again in modern societies, but it has shamefully occurred over and over.

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