Our Healthcare System: The Problem with Pharmaceutical Drugs

In each of our lifetimes, we will all have to visit a doctor and/or hospital for something.  Generally speaking,  we are supposed to trust doctors,  but as we all know….there are major flaws in the U.S Healthcare system.  There are alot of things to point out,  but in this post I am referring to something that is morally and ethically wrong in my opinion….pharmaceutical companies compensating doctors/hospitals for each patient they get to use their drugs. Alot of times, these drugs and treatments are not even really needed and the side effects are detrimental to the person. I applaud doctors like Dr.Oz for refusing to back and push drugs that they know may cause more harm than good. In a perfect society, each doctor will actually care for the patient’s health, but we live in a society where the truth is disgusting.  Many health care professionals may not suggest the best health options for patients.  It doesn’t matter what economic class we’re in, a doctor in Beverly Hills or Compton could still both offer their patients a diet pill drug or suggest something that may not be right for you.  How do we stop this now?  Well, before our health care system has the makeover it needs, we must do our own research and not be guiliable to just anything a doctor tells us. If you are actually blessed to have a wonderful doctor who you can fully trust, then congratulations because that is wonderful. However, I encourage everyone to not only make sure they take care of themselves and eat to live,  but also be mindful of what a doctor may tell you.  I don’t distrust all doctors, but I do believe we need more who can’t be bought by pharmaceutical companies with shady intentions. Doctors who truly care and would recommend something they would actually do or take themselves. There are people who were told by doctors that only the options they give them will save their life,  but instead of just going with the flow, they found other alternatives that actually helped them in the long run. No, I am not about to preach about choosing holistic methods/treatments because that is all a matter of one’s personal choice. However, I do believe that we all should be cautious and careful because our health care system and it’s history has given us enough reasons to not just accept or take whatever is recommended or considered the best choice.