Fatboy Slim’s Prodigious Message: Don’t Be Like Don.

The video speaks for itself. Fatboy Slim, one of my favorite musical artist, decided to use a rather amusing storyline and masterpiece of a video to describe a powerful message. Bottom line, if we don’t know the characteristics of a person’s personality or the qualities of their soul, then let’s not assume things about them simply based on the outer appearance or ethnic background. We are all individuals with our own unique traits that help define who we are.  As humans, we all are prone to judging others in some way or another. However, it is very simple minded to simply judge someone based on their skin tone or heritage background. If we must judge someone, then base the judgment from the energy that they send out. Are they trying to be good-hearted? Are they choosing to do negative/foul things? Not, what their ethnic background is or the color of their skin. Bottom line, stereotyping or assuming things about someone does not really tell a lot about them…it actually says a lot about you.