Father’s Day: For Biological & Spiritual Fathers Alike

Father’s Day is a day to honor all of the amazing men who are fathers, whether they are someone’s biological father or not. This is not a day to bash men or to speak just on the negative/dead beat biological fathers. Because there are a lot of outstanding men whether they have children, are a mentor/big brother to someone, or a step dad. I have a very large number of men in my family…A couple brothers, my biological father, tons of young men cousins, and several uncles. One thing that I can say is that I was blessed to understand, see and observe different relationships/aspects of the definition of a father figure. I love my biological father Ricardo aka Ricky, he has inspired me when it comes to my versatile music taste and I consider him a dear friend. I also consider my youngest brother, Ricardo, my spiritual father figure. I am years apart from my oldest brother, Tarey, so we did not really grow up together but he is still a beloved person in my life. My youngest brother Ricardo is moving out of the country and I am thankful that we got to grow up together because he is my mentor/big-brother guidance that I have had many deep/meaningful conversations and experiences with. We may not always see eye-to eye, but I am grateful for him. He does not have any children yet, but I still consider him a ”father figure” in my life. Despite some of the choices that my biological father has made, I am proud to be his daughter as well because he has a good heart and I wouldn’t be here without him. So, I call today Father Figure day because there are people who consider more than one person their father. Think about all of the men you personally know in your life and which ones are father-figures. Many of us may know more than one. Which means all over the world….whether you are a father yourself, have an amazing father or someone you can call a father figure…this day is a day to celebrate the spiritually beautiful men who are fatherly and they are genuinely appreciated.