Classic Funny Fan Moment: I Feel Him…This is How I Am About Game of Thrones

Although I have not enjoyed or watch wrestling in a while (my favorite ones were The Undertaker & Triple H), I can relate to this guy when it comes to Game of Thrones on HBO. This show is not for everybody, but it is so amazing to me & entertaining. I always get so excited whenever I discuss this show with other people who enjoy it as well. I mean, this show is worth watching if you are not looking at it.  I’ve realized that I love fantasy shows and this one is my favorite (honorable mentions are The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, & Once Upon A Time because I enjoy them as well). Either way, this passionate guy doesn’t care if what he likes is ”fake”, it’s real to him. Just like I know Game of Thrones is just a show, but whenever I watch it I find myself connecting to the storyline, choosing sides, and imagining myself in their world. Some people wouldn’t understand, but to the ones who do…this guy’s feelings are relatable. Hey, don’t judge us just because you don’t understand lol

Classic Comedy Highlight : Walk Hard-The Dewey Cox Story

This film was so cleverly made because they basically took all of the most popular forms of music styles, major events, & famous musicians….& they placed all of this into one story about a very interesting  man name Dewey. Dewey represents all of these things in the form of one man.  This parody film is a classic, in my opinion.