Feel Good Song Inspiration: Golden Time of Day by Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly

This beautiful song has a peaceful and serene vibe to it, one that inspires with it’s lingering melody and inspirational lyrics. This song reminds me of so many simple yet lovely/amazing things in life, and I can visualize the tone, feeling, & mood of what Frankie Beverly is describing in the song. The overall composition is timeless, and although this song was made in 1978, it is still modern/current, very relevant and positive.


                              Golden Time of Day

There’s a time of the day when the sun is going down
That’s the golden time of day
It’s a time that the sun turns a gold all around
That’s the golden time of day
At the end of the day when the wind is soft and warm
Don’t it make the flowers sway

When the sun settles down and it takes a lovely form
That’s the golden time of day

People let me tell you
There’s a time in your life when you find who you are
That’s the golden time of day
In you mind you will find your a bright shining star
Ooh that’s the golden time of day
When you feel deep inside all the love your lookin’ for
Don’t it make you feel ok
Like the time of the day when the sun is going down
That’s the golden time of day
That’s the golden time of day
That’s the golden time of day

Shining can’t you see it shining ooh ooh ooh ooh
Shining can’t you see it shining ooh ooh ooh ooh


Encouraging Positive Self Esteem Among Ladies

Despite what society says is beautiful or not, it is important that people feel sincerely good about themselves. I wish that more ladies would genuinely accept their beauty, and not put others down while doing so. For an example, someone who sincerely is confident with themselves won’t feel the need to give another woman dirty looks, hate on another, or give out bad energy period. I’m speaking from a female’s perspective, but it is really unfortunate to me that insecure women give out negative energy to each other, and this all boils down to how confident they are with themselves. I’m not arrogant or conceited, but despite how attractive or unattractive I am to someone…that doesn’t affect the way I feel about myself. We should not thrive off of people’s compliments or take their criticism to the heart. That is not healthy, and we will never be satisfied. This means loving our body types, our skin, putting an emphasis on inner beauty & just feeling truly great from the inside. Don’t worry about not being someone’s preference or body type, because out of all the people in this wide world….some  will definitely be attracted to you. It’s  just science & how the way things work naturally. I want people to feel better from within, and not critiquing others so harshly just to make themselves feel better. So what if some people don’t like the way you look or whatever? Love the way you look, still be humble, & don’t ever feel bad for being in love with yourself just because of society’s beauty standards! Women should smile at each other more instead of giving dirty looks. I’d rather compliment another female than to hate on her or speak negative. Uplift each other, have authentic inner beauty, and understand that true beauty is more than skin. Our true self esteem level will always come to surface sooner or later. So, let’s not be intimidated by anyone, be beautiful from within, and encourage this among other ladies. Remember, beauty is not just skin deep and being a positive person is a true indicator of genuine confidence & good self esteem.

Vital Inspiration: The “Im Not A Morning Person Mindset” Is A Problem

I hear alot of people say their not a morning person.  Well, this is not an excuse to be bitchy, moody, rude, or mean to people just because it’s a certain time of the day. Yes, sometimes we all just want to stay in bed and not go to work or do whatever it is we have to do that day. But, think about this. What’s so horrible or unpleasant about mornings? Not the people, but the mornings? Yet some people use the old “Because it’s early in the morning excuse and I have to……” as if this is the reason why they are acting a certain way.  No, it’s not the mornings that are so bad.  If we start off our day with a negative mood or approach,  then that means we are the ones who are the problem.  It’s pretty normal to look sleepy in the a.m, but sometimes I notice people have these very mean/disturbing facial expressions. Some people may actually be dealing with something very painful or sad, but alot of people are just looking that way because it’s morning,  they have to go to work, or my favorite one: “That’s how I naturally look”. Um, okay. Bottom line, it’s not the early mornings, Mondays, or whatever people blame it on that is the problem.  We just need to change our outlook and views on these things and look forward to every day and especially the mornings because that is the beginning of a new day we are blessed to see again.  If you have to play an uplifting song like Nina Simone’s Feeling Good, pray, meditate, and look in the mirror & speak/think it into existence….then let’s do it.  Sometimes people let other people ruin their day or make them change their outlook on mornings. Well, let’s not let these people get to us, have power over us, or make us dislike a certain time of the day. It’s such a beautiful thing to wake up and be surrounded by positivity and awesome people, but if you’re not then that’s okay too. Why? Because we all have to create our own motivation,  positive energy, and that feeling of just thankfulness that we are alive.  There are people who wanted to wake up this morning , get things accomplished, and see certain people.  However,  they didn’t… but we did. So, instead of complaining or constantly using the whole “I’m not a Morning Person Excuse”, let’s not take for granted the beauty in waking up to the sun rising and our heart’s beating.  A new morning means a new day & opportunity/chance to be happy and have a great day.  So,  let’s see the beauty in mornings, those “slow”  Mondays and etc. Life has all of these “simple” treasures like sunset, birds singing by our bedroom windows, flowers/trees blooming right before our eyes,  and such. Yet, our view/outlook on life can taint how we feel about them. Let’s treasure every early morning we get to see and wake up to. Because that in itself is a reason to never claim we’re not a morning person ever again.

Hey You, Don’t You Dare Give Up

There are times in life when we may  feel like giving up on ourselves or just simply not caring any longer. Yet, we must remain positive and remember that we have a purpose and to never let negativity consume our thoughts.  There are people who, believe it or not,  are constantly rooting for you and want to see you happy and at peace. You may not know them personally,  but let these people (positive energy) motivate you to love yourself, take care of your soul and nurture it with postive energy.  You are here on this Earth, and you can inspire so many people. It is not impossible to be fully at peace with your self, be happy, and make a difference.  All you have to do is believe this and let this be your motivation. Let this inspire you and uplift your spirit. Let positivity and the people that spread it inspire you to keep going.  Keep going in the spirit and the flesh, and don’t you dare neglect yourself.  The final results are not worth it. 

We Need You Here: Don’t Ever Forget That.

People decide to take their own lives for different reasons, but no matter how challenging or discouraged we may feel…we must learn to understand our worth & importance despite what others may see. So many times, people are motivated to become successful in life because they want to ”prove their haters wrong” or don’t want to be seen as a failure in life. However, we will never be fully happy on the inside if we are constantly worried about our worth in the eyes of others or trying to live up to other people’s expectations. Aspiring to be the best YOU in life and believing in yourself even when you think no one does is very important, but I guarantee you that somewhere out there a person is rooting for you. I am a complete stranger to most people in this world, but I want you to be mentally happy & at peace. I am pretty sure that I’m not the only person who prays for complete strangers just as much as I pray for my family & I. So, don’t ever think that no one really cares.  We all exist on this earth for a reason & we all have something unique to contribute to the world that no one else can. We live in a world where little children are actually committing suicide & feeling like they do not belong here because negative energy from others. This song has an inspirational message to it & reminds us that as long as we are here on this Earth, we can try to make each day a chance to lift ourselves up & move. Move away from negative thoughts, move away from thinking we will never be enough, & move forward to appreciating life & staying positive. Of course, things will not go as planned as we may like. There will be negative & mean people who will try to hurt us, but it is up to us to not let this move us in a negative way. No, trying to fit in or be more appealing for others to like us is never going to work. Confidence is all about accepting yourself & feeling beautiful ( it starts with inner beauty) & not needing attention or acceptance from others to feel ”complete”. This also means not putting others down as well.  Today is a new day & you are awesome & beautiful in your own way. Please don’t forget that. I hope you have a blessed life full of love & happiness!!!