Boogie Down Bronx:Classic Photography

1520 Sedgwick Avenue and D.J Kool Herc are names forever synonymous with a part of the origins of rap music. In 1973 on August 11th, Kool Herc hosted a back to school party for his sister at the recreation room of 1520 Sedgwick Avenue apartment building. At the community house party, he introduced a technique that involved two turntables, a mixer, two copies of the same record, and playing another song at the beginning or middle of the record while focusing on ”the break” in each one. With D.J Kool Herc presenting his technique, his friend Coke La Rock began to rap and many legendary rappers like Afrika Bambaataa and Grand Master Flash all claimed to have witnessed this historic significant event in music history. In honor of The Boogie Down Bronx, here are some truly amazing and influential photos that shows why  The Boogie Down Bronx will always be considered a birthplace of the rhythmic poetic art we call Hip Hop.


dj kool herc.jpg



gman 2




red alert


A Jazz Legend: Mr. Grover Washington Jr.


If you love classic jazz like I do, then Grover Washington Jr. is probably one of your favorites. The first song is Mister Magic and the second classic, featuring Bill Withers, is Just The Two Of Us. These classics are just 2
of the many songs that Mr. Grover Washington Jr. has created. I remember before he passed, my mama took a five year old me with her to see him in concert. I appreciate my parents for helping me appreciate good classic/old-school records because if a song is a masterpiece then it doesn’t matter how old someone is or which era it was created in…good music is timeless.

Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir: A Song That Stands The Test Of Time

Even though my daddy had been listening to Led Zeppelin and playing them in his car since I was a little girl, I actually started listening to Led Zeppelin when I was 13 years old back in like, 2006.  Matter of fact, one of my first C.D’s was Led Zeppelin’s The Mother Ship Greatest Hits album, which was the album that was created for their last and final performance together. Ever since I heard ”Kashmir”, it has become one of my favorite songs by any artist or group. Kashmir was inspired by an area of Southern Morocco, while driving from Goulimine to Tantan in the Sahara Dessert. Just like many other people all around the world, this song is one of the reasons why I wanted to learn how to play the guitar. Every aspect of this song is truly amazing, timeless, and helps define what it means to considered a ‘’classic’’. I could go on and on about the guitar riffs and the playing skills of Jimmy Page. The legendary bridge of this song has always been so mesmerizing to me. Led Zeppelin will be one of my favorite bands no matter what era, and I’m pretty sure generations to come will never forget them.

Pete Rock & C.L Smooth: Timeless Art Is Never Forgotten

As an immense old school rap listener, I think that Mecca & the Soul Brother and The Main Ingredient Albums by the legendary Pete Rock & C.L Smooth are classics no matter what time period. I’m sure some people who are passionate about old school rap may share my opinion as well, and this classic is just one of their tracks that are absolutely timeless. Of course, the amazingly talented producer Pete Rock paired with the lyrically gifted C.L Smooth made a great duo. Not to mention, the song was also partly dedicated to Trouble T-Roy of Heavy D & the Boyz, who died in a tragic accident in 1990. ‘’They Reminisce Over You’’ is a classic musical portrait that gives us insight on C.L Smooth’s family upbringing and journey. Everything about this song is one of the reasons why I love old school rap, especially 90s, so very much.