What’s In A Name?

Some people feel as though one word can have several different meanings depending on who is saying it. For instance, the word bitch. Many females may cringe and curse out a random guy who would scream, ‘’AY BITCH COME HERE!’’ at them. However, in our generation being considered a ‘’bad bitch’’ is an honorary title. Isn’t it a form of hypocrisy if I do not want to be called a bitch in a negative way, but would let someone refer to me as one if it is deemed a compliment? So, what is really in a name? Although a word does not describe someone’s personality, dissecting the logic behind this can have long term effects on people, especially the youth. In my opinion, Lupe Fiasco’s ‘’Bitch Bad’’ is underrated and the logic behind the song is the total opposite of what is celebrated in our generation today. Yet, if you actually dissect the lyrics…maybe he has a point. ‘’Bitch Bad, Woman Good, Lady Better…their misunderstood.’’