Inspiration For All Humanity: Martin Niemoller Statement

Friedrich Gustav Emil Martin Niemoller was a German anti-Nazi, theologian,  and pastor who is the creator behind an inspirational statement that I think about often. In our world, we have some people who believe that countries and different groups of people should solely only worry about their problems first. However,  as one humanity anytime there are crimes against humans happening,  we should be concerned. It should not matter what ethncity, religious beliefs, or place of residency someone has. I guess some people are not compassionate and horrid acts involving some groups of people may not bother their conscious. I often try to see things from different views, but my mind will not let me understand humans who are not personally disturbed by some of the things going on just because it is not happening to them or the “category” they belong to. Many people always complain about the state of this world and the people in it, as if just complaining or blaming others will change anything. We all have some level and form of responsibility in this world if we live here. Instead of just complaining and having a negative outlook on our world, we can decide to place our own positive mark here. We need more genuine good hearted people who believe this world is not just some wicked place. We should still have hope and faith in humanity and it starts with us deciding to spread positivity. We don’t need to be wealthy like Oprah to make a difference or a politician. It starts with our mindsets and decision to try our best to be genuine pure souls. We need more people to have a positive outlook and desire to stay gold at heart no matter how much negativity is out here. Helping humanity starts with uplifting our faith and keeping our souls pure, meaning having a beautiful outlook on life and radiating positivity from within. Not letting evil deeds by other people inspire us to change our way of thinking or energy is very important in my opinion.  Of course, this may not be easy because we are all at war with ourselves at times whether it is a spiritual or mental battle. I think we should try our best to let positivity triumph. This is worth so much more than we could ever imagine if we just try our best to be good at heart, keep a positive mindset, and understand the importance of caring for all humanity….not just certain “groups”.