Gender Bashing: This is a Problem

In our society and generation, some men and women tend to bash each other alot. I notice, alot of times it is because of their own personal experiences. Yet, it is not healthy or right to decide every person of that gender is the same. Some people date or involve themselves with the same type of people,  just with different faces. They get the same results, and instead of evaluating every aspect…they decide everyone has the same intentions or mindset. Some people never ask themselves why they keep falling for, attracting, or being attracted to these people.  Some become bitter and don’t even realize it, and in reality they are just letting whoever did them wrong have power over them. You could miss out on someone who could be a blessing or a positive match for you just by your mentality.  No, all men and women don’t cheat.  No, all men and women are not scandalous, sour, dogs, unloyal, or whatever. It is a sad thing when people start having negative views on relationships and love because of who they decided to be with. Then, they assume everyone has the same intentions. I think it is simple minded to automatically assume negative things about me because of my gender and what you think most women (and men) are like. Gender bashing in any way is wrong and unless we know the individual personally….why would you place them in a box that may not even fit who they are? I’m tired of the Gender bashing from both sides. We are all individuals and the contents/characteristics of our mind & soul reveals more about us than our gender.