No, This Song Was Not About Weed…Pass The Food.

If someone looks at this video & actually listens to the lyrics, then they can clearly tell that ”passing the dutchie” is not referring to marijuana. Yet, many people have associated this song to weed because it is a cover version song of another song that was referring to it. However, Musical Youth put their own spin on the song. This song was deeper than talking about herbs, and the subject matter is actually referring to children being hungry & wanting food. In their version, the dutchie is actually referring to a cooking pot.  I think with one line from the song, Musical Youth really touched on a sensitive subject and proved their point. ”How does it feel when you got no food?”

I have a special place in my heart for children & it bothers me that there are kids around the world that are starving or suffering because all kids should be loved & nurtured. I love reggae music of all styles & Musical Youth’s Pass The Dutchie is one of my favorites. I think that even though they are considered one-hit wonders…this song is a beautiful song.