New Jack Swing Era: Oh How I Love Thee

The New Jack Swing era was full of people with high top fades, colorful clothing like Kwame the rapper, and dancing to classic songs like this one…which is from the classic movie New Jack City. I love Guy, which is a legendary New Jack Swing era group with the amazingly talented Teddy Riley. Besides Forrest Gump, this movie use to be my favorite until I saw it for the millionth time….now I just know all of the words & act out the scenes with my sister. It’s still a good movie, I’m just tired of seeing it lol. Anyways, I love the New Jack Swing era & the club scene seemed really cool in that era. I can imagine myself with one of those elaborate 80s hairstyles ( fly but not too much going on lol), big bamboo golden earrings, a cute colorful outfit, & just dancing to this song. Like I said, in a previous post, the club scenes in the 20th century just seemed to be more fun & more about dancing.