Boogie Down Bronx:Classic Photography

1520 Sedgwick Avenue and D.J Kool Herc are names forever synonymous with a part of the origins of rap music. In 1973 on August 11th, Kool Herc hosted a back to school party for his sister at the recreation room of 1520 Sedgwick Avenue apartment building. At the community house party, he introduced a technique that involved two turntables, a mixer, two copies of the same record, and playing another song at the beginning or middle of the record while focusing on ”the break” in each one. With D.J Kool Herc presenting his technique, his friend Coke La Rock began to rap and many legendary rappers like Afrika Bambaataa and Grand Master Flash all claimed to have witnessed this historic significant event in music history. In honor of The Boogie Down Bronx, here are some truly amazing and influential photos that shows why  The Boogie Down Bronx will always be considered a birthplace of the rhythmic poetic art we call Hip Hop.


dj kool herc.jpg



gman 2




red alert



Lovely Day-Bill Withers: Be Inspired To Have Lovely Days!

Even though we have to be our own motivation at times, it always feels good to be around people & do things that help us have a lovely day. This Bill Withers classic is a good mood booster and it doesn’t matter if the inspiration is your best friend, the fact that you are alive, spouse,  relatives, dog, or whomever…I hope you have at least one treasure in your life that just helps make your day even more better. In life, it is always better to surround yourself with people who radiate positive energy because that inspires us even  more and it is healthy…way better than constantly being around folks who throw out negative vibes. So, may you have more lovely days and even when you feel ”down” or have a heavy burden, I hope you have someone or something in your life that is an inspirational positive energy. And, if you feel like you don’t…well just know that somewhere out there strangers like me are rooting for you and want you to have lovely days.