Daily Gratitude: Sentimental Moments, Blessings, & Perspective!

Recently I created a list of things I consider blessings that makes me happy. I believe it’s important to remind ourselves daily how blessed we truly are…to never stop being thankful & reflective as we continue to work towards our goals. I hope you have a list of blessings that makes you feel genuinely happy as well. Let’s make time in our daily schedules to reflect on our individual lists & keep on striving forward!

Don’t Let Negative Energy From Others Change You

We’ve all encountered mean spirited people and those who try to belittle others in some way. However, it is a sign of strength to still be kind and good hearted without letting others liter their negativity inside of us. Many people have become cold hearted and love to claim they have no feelings because of the negativity they have encountered. Well, despite them believing this is a sign of strength in this world…it is not. What is really a sign of strength is when others can throw their negativity your way, but you still triumph because your spirit is full of light. That is truly beautiful and please don’t let anyone take that away from you. Despite whoever is rude, hateful, or ugly towards you…we all have a choice. We can either let these negative people be motivation for us to remain full of light and beauty, or we can let them inspire ugliness within ourselves. The first choice is the best because staying pure feels amazing and being an ugly hearted person means to pollute our spirits. We were all born with beautiful golden hearts, and unfortunately many do not leave this world with the same kind of heart. So, despite whoever  tries to bring you down or make you feel small, please don’t let this break your energy. People need positive energy and spirits that are full of light. It is truly inspirational and has an everlasting mark. This world needs that kind of beauty and if that is you, then what a blessing you are! Thank you.

Encouraging Positive Self Esteem Among Ladies

Despite what society says is beautiful or not, it is important that people feel sincerely good about themselves. I wish that more ladies would genuinely accept their beauty, and not put others down while doing so. For an example, someone who sincerely is confident with themselves won’t feel the need to give another woman dirty looks, hate on another, or give out bad energy period. I’m speaking from a female’s perspective, but it is really unfortunate to me that insecure women give out negative energy to each other, and this all boils down to how confident they are with themselves. I’m not arrogant or conceited, but despite how attractive or unattractive I am to someone…that doesn’t affect the way I feel about myself. We should not thrive off of people’s compliments or take their criticism to the heart. That is not healthy, and we will never be satisfied. This means loving our body types, our skin, putting an emphasis on inner beauty & just feeling truly great from the inside. Don’t worry about not being someone’s preference or body type, because out of all the people in this wide world….some  will definitely be attracted to you. It’s  just science & how the way things work naturally. I want people to feel better from within, and not critiquing others so harshly just to make themselves feel better. So what if some people don’t like the way you look or whatever? Love the way you look, still be humble, & don’t ever feel bad for being in love with yourself just because of society’s beauty standards! Women should smile at each other more instead of giving dirty looks. I’d rather compliment another female than to hate on her or speak negative. Uplift each other, have authentic inner beauty, and understand that true beauty is more than skin. Our true self esteem level will always come to surface sooner or later. So, let’s not be intimidated by anyone, be beautiful from within, and encourage this among other ladies. Remember, beauty is not just skin deep and being a positive person is a true indicator of genuine confidence & good self esteem.

People Who Brag About Being Mean/Cold Hearted:Kindness Is Not Weakness

I live in a generation where a lot of young people in my age group brag or celebrate being mean, cold-hearted, and other negative attributes. The sad thing is, people adopt this attitude (especially the whole ”I don’t care about anything” attitude) because they have been hurt or let down by other people. People like myself, those who actually love being kind/sweet and not cold hearted are sometimes looked at as vulnerable or ”weak”. However, this is not true. For one, although alot of us naturally have many acquaintances, I believe it is best to try to surround yourself with people who want to absorb, contribute to and preserve your kindness and positive energy. I can honestly say that everyone who I surround myself with on a personal level does not try to take advantage of me or inspire me to go astray from what I really am. I like being warm/good hearted, being nice, and just being …Tanzy. Tanzy does not try to belittle others or speak ill of someone just because our vibes don’t get along. Tanzy is not a ”mean girl” or one who brags about having a cold heart/persona. That is just not me nor do I ever want it to be. The moment we realize someone’s vibe/energy doesn’t go well/connect with our own positive one, we should try to distant ourselves. I would rather be looked at as stand-offish, and keeping to myself a lot, if that means making sure I only surround myself with people who appreciate my spirit/energy. The people we hang out with are a reflection of our own energy/vibe. For an example, I don’t care to befriend those who I notice love to speak negative about others and have a jealous/hateful undertone to them. That is not me, and I wouldn’t feel comfortable being around people like that. Despite some of the things that can go wrong in this life, I don’t ever want to be a cold hearted individual who brags about being mean and careless. We need more people in this world who encourage kindness and positivity. How can one call themselves positive if the vibe/energy they throw out into the world does not match what they claim to be? I would rather just be quiet, not communicate with someone, ignore and pray for them instead of trying to speak ill about them or throw negative energy their way. All in all, I believe it is important for us kind/warm hearted people who are not mean to stay this way. Of course, don’t let anyone take advantage of you, but please don’t think it is a form of weakness to remain a kind person. It is actually a very brave thing to be in this world.

Feminism 101: I Won’t Slut Shame You, So Don’t Virgin Shame Me.

There is nothing wrong with a female  who is against slut shaming. I don’t believe in slut shaming,  but not every woman has the same mentality when it comes to body count and sex.  We are all individuals who have different mindsets, and just because a woman wants to keep her body count as low as possible and does  not want to have casual sex without being in a relationship does not mean she is conforming to society or whatever. It just means she is doing what she thinks is best for her. It is a form of hypocrisy for someone to get angry at slut shaming,  but will turn around and virgin -shame or ridicule another woman for not being as “free” as they want them to be. People find freedom in different things,  and being modest, Abstinent, or “lady like” might give someone the same freedom and happiness that a woman with a different mindset has. The whole concept of women empowerment is supposed to be about uplifting other women with positivity and helping those in disadvantaged situations (education, health issues) & less about freeing the nipple, bashing men in general or bashing those of us who still believe in being classy/ a lady. No matter what “type” of woman you are, we all should uplift each other and encourage equality among every one on this Earth no matter what our personal beliefs are.

Lovely Day-Bill Withers: Be Inspired To Have Lovely Days!

Even though we have to be our own motivation at times, it always feels good to be around people & do things that help us have a lovely day. This Bill Withers classic is a good mood booster and it doesn’t matter if the inspiration is your best friend, the fact that you are alive, spouse,  relatives, dog, or whomever…I hope you have at least one treasure in your life that just helps make your day even more better. In life, it is always better to surround yourself with people who radiate positive energy because that inspires us even  more and it is healthy…way better than constantly being around folks who throw out negative vibes. So, may you have more lovely days and even when you feel ”down” or have a heavy burden, I hope you have someone or something in your life that is an inspirational positive energy. And, if you feel like you don’t…well just know that somewhere out there strangers like me are rooting for you and want you to have lovely days.

Vital Inspiration: The “Im Not A Morning Person Mindset” Is A Problem

I hear alot of people say their not a morning person.  Well, this is not an excuse to be bitchy, moody, rude, or mean to people just because it’s a certain time of the day. Yes, sometimes we all just want to stay in bed and not go to work or do whatever it is we have to do that day. But, think about this. What’s so horrible or unpleasant about mornings? Not the people, but the mornings? Yet some people use the old “Because it’s early in the morning excuse and I have to……” as if this is the reason why they are acting a certain way.  No, it’s not the mornings that are so bad.  If we start off our day with a negative mood or approach,  then that means we are the ones who are the problem.  It’s pretty normal to look sleepy in the a.m, but sometimes I notice people have these very mean/disturbing facial expressions. Some people may actually be dealing with something very painful or sad, but alot of people are just looking that way because it’s morning,  they have to go to work, or my favorite one: “That’s how I naturally look”. Um, okay. Bottom line, it’s not the early mornings, Mondays, or whatever people blame it on that is the problem.  We just need to change our outlook and views on these things and look forward to every day and especially the mornings because that is the beginning of a new day we are blessed to see again.  If you have to play an uplifting song like Nina Simone’s Feeling Good, pray, meditate, and look in the mirror & speak/think it into existence….then let’s do it.  Sometimes people let other people ruin their day or make them change their outlook on mornings. Well, let’s not let these people get to us, have power over us, or make us dislike a certain time of the day. It’s such a beautiful thing to wake up and be surrounded by positivity and awesome people, but if you’re not then that’s okay too. Why? Because we all have to create our own motivation,  positive energy, and that feeling of just thankfulness that we are alive.  There are people who wanted to wake up this morning , get things accomplished, and see certain people.  However,  they didn’t… but we did. So, instead of complaining or constantly using the whole “I’m not a Morning Person Excuse”, let’s not take for granted the beauty in waking up to the sun rising and our heart’s beating.  A new morning means a new day & opportunity/chance to be happy and have a great day.  So,  let’s see the beauty in mornings, those “slow”  Mondays and etc. Life has all of these “simple” treasures like sunset, birds singing by our bedroom windows, flowers/trees blooming right before our eyes,  and such. Yet, our view/outlook on life can taint how we feel about them. Let’s treasure every early morning we get to see and wake up to. Because that in itself is a reason to never claim we’re not a morning person ever again.

Hey You, Please Don’t Let Negativity Consume Your Thoughts

I think it is almost impossible not to think negative thoughts at times, but we can’t let that overpower our positive ones. For an example,  some people may be feeling down or discouraged about something they really want,  or they may have lost motivation to genuinely believe in having a happy/peaceful life.  Yet, our thoughts are very powerful and if we constantly think of all of the negative things that can go wrong with whatever it is we’re trying to do, then guess what?  It will possibly go wrong because we’re already letting the negative thoughts triumph.  Yes,  you’re gonna be what you want to be and you will be amazing at it. Yes, you will find inner peace and happiness at the most elevated level possible.  Yes,  you will gravitate to whoever or whatever it is that will benefit your soul.  All of these things are possible and real just waiting to happen (with patience of course). We just have to keep our mind & thoughts protected from being consumed by negativity. It may be challenging at times, but the outcome is worth it. 

Faith: The Power of A Question

I believe that in life,  it’s good to question your beliefs and why you believe in them for stronger faith. To want to learn and see more….and not just the surface.  I mean, trying to find the answers to questions that some may not ever seek to find out.  For an example,  some people go there whole life believing something just because they were taught to, but never questioning why. Some people believe there is a God, but that’s it. Some people believe in having faith in a higher power, but that’s it. Yet, we have to ask ourselves….just how far does our faith go? God is not just someone I call upon or pray to when I am going through tough obstacles or when something happens in my favor.  I don’t use my faith sometimes,  because I need spiritual guidance ALL the time. So I am attached to my faith and depend on it while also using my free will to make my own decisions.   Because as a human who is far from perfect, I am constantly at war with my own heart and mind….and I am determined to remain good hearted and seek as much knowledge,  wisdom,  and enlightenment as possible. I don’t want to leave this world, which I am temporarily in, and the only thing that  I have gained is the physical. What can I gain here that I can take with me after this? Who says we can’t get answers now? What if the tools and resources that we need to gain eternal truths are already here on Earth with us? I believe they are and it is up to us to decide. If we ask questions, set ourselves on a quest/journey for truths, then just imagine what we will find. I am talking about things far more valuable than the typical material pleasures.  Of course, some things we will never know until it is time for us to transition into another chapter. However to me, my faith is my spinning wheel and not just my spare tire.

Hey You, Don’t You Dare Give Up

There are times in life when we may  feel like giving up on ourselves or just simply not caring any longer. Yet, we must remain positive and remember that we have a purpose and to never let negativity consume our thoughts.  There are people who, believe it or not,  are constantly rooting for you and want to see you happy and at peace. You may not know them personally,  but let these people (positive energy) motivate you to love yourself, take care of your soul and nurture it with postive energy.  You are here on this Earth, and you can inspire so many people. It is not impossible to be fully at peace with your self, be happy, and make a difference.  All you have to do is believe this and let this be your motivation. Let this inspire you and uplift your spirit. Let positivity and the people that spread it inspire you to keep going.  Keep going in the spirit and the flesh, and don’t you dare neglect yourself.  The final results are not worth it.