We Need You Here: Don’t Ever Forget That.

People decide to take their own lives for different reasons, but no matter how challenging or discouraged we may feel…we must learn to understand our worth & importance despite what others may see. So many times, people are motivated to become successful in life because they want to ”prove their haters wrong” or don’t want to be seen as a failure in life. However, we will never be fully happy on the inside if we are constantly worried about our worth in the eyes of others or trying to live up to other people’s expectations. Aspiring to be the best YOU in life and believing in yourself even when you think no one does is very important, but I guarantee you that somewhere out there a person is rooting for you. I am a complete stranger to most people in this world, but I want you to be mentally happy & at peace. I am pretty sure that I’m not the only person who prays for complete strangers just as much as I pray for my family & I. So, don’t ever think that no one really cares.  We all exist on this earth for a reason & we all have something unique to contribute to the world that no one else can. We live in a world where little children are actually committing suicide & feeling like they do not belong here because negative energy from others. This song has an inspirational message to it & reminds us that as long as we are here on this Earth, we can try to make each day a chance to lift ourselves up & move. Move away from negative thoughts, move away from thinking we will never be enough, & move forward to appreciating life & staying positive. Of course, things will not go as planned as we may like. There will be negative & mean people who will try to hurt us, but it is up to us to not let this move us in a negative way. No, trying to fit in or be more appealing for others to like us is never going to work. Confidence is all about accepting yourself & feeling beautiful ( it starts with inner beauty) & not needing attention or acceptance from others to feel ”complete”. This also means not putting others down as well.  Today is a new day & you are awesome & beautiful in your own way. Please don’t forget that. I hope you have a blessed life full of love & happiness!!!